How to Interview Odoo Developers?

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ProjoMania, Mohamed Magdy Mahmoud


Odoo is a modern ERP system which is appeared in the market recently and is growing really fast. One of the best features of Odoo is the same as the worst disadvantages of the system, it is Python, as it is not easy to find a qualified Python developer which made it harder to find a qualified Odoo developer.

The 'supply & demand law' is controlling this situation but unfortunately the quality is not guaranteed. That's why I started with this article and continued with Part 2 of the same article.

Where to find Odoo developers?

Odoo developers are not easy to find but you still have the chance to find them here on LinkedIn which is the best for sure. The best way to start with LinkedIn is to have a few connections who knows Odoo so that you can build a better network to find more candidates.

Then, you need to send them what you need, what you expect from them and to check their availability so that you can a proper answers to help you to choose among them.

And finally invite them for a face-to-face interview.

One-to-one interview

Hr Interview

Once you meet the candidate, you may need to read and to take care about the points mentioned here (How to interview experienced candidates).

Technical Interview

In this section I will try to list the most basic skills that should an Odoo developer know. Additional skills is a plus according to the most common types of projects.

Can you describe Odoo Technically?

Odoo is web based application which is built using its own framework 'Open Object'. Odoo is using Python, XML and CSV as the main technologies.


Do you know the main differences between Odoo 7.0 and the later versions?

Odoo (OpenERP) 7.0 was built using the Old APIs which is still supported side-by-side the New APIs in Odoo 8.0 and Odoo 9.0. The candidate should be familiar with the New APIs as the Old APIs will not be supported anymore in Odoo 10.0 . He also should be able to give some examples (, @api.multi, @api.depends, @api.onchange, @api.model, .....)


Can you share some details about the Odoo ORM with examples?

Odoo is depending on ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) in almost every single method. So, the candidate should be able to mention a few examples and when to use it and the expected value returned.

The most common Odoo ORM methods should be known. Also, he should know the difference between browse() and create() as both are returing a recordsets.

What are the types of reports that supported in Odoo by default?

Odoo is supporting PDF, HTML and dynamic reports. The candidate should be familiar with QWeb so that he can create and edit reports.

What are the difference between the modules from the technical point of view?


When it come to coding all modules are the same as there is no real difference between the code written for HR Modules and that written for Accounting Modules regardless the complexity of the accounting modules.

Can you describe the levels of security in Odoo?

Odoo using users and groups to define the permissions for each unit (users & groups). Also there is the security rules which can be defined as the exception that should be happened in some cases. For example, as an accountant you should be able to delete invoices but you will not be able to delete confirmed invoices.

The candidate should be familiar with these levels of security

Can you install Odoo on a remote server using command line?

Your system administrator should be able to install, remove, start, stop and update Odoo on the testing servers and the production servers. But sometimes it may be useful for the developer to access the server by himself to make sure that everything is well built.

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