How to Interview Odoo Developers? (Part 2)

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ProjoMania, Mohamed Magdy Mahmoud


In a previous article, How to Interview Odoo Developers?, I tried to list the most basic questions and points that may help you as a business owner with almost no Odoo Technical Experience to interview Odoo Developers.

You also can ignore the article and just go for an Odoo Technical Consultant who can help you with some recommendations for the best developers available and he can help you with the interviews too.

One-to-one Interview: 

  • What is the version of Python that Odoo uses?

Odoo still using Python 2.7.x. But I can predict that they will move to Python 3.x for Odoo 11 or may be Odoo 12 as the main distributions of Linux started to move to Python 3.x which means that the support for python 2.7 will be decreased.

Also, new arrivals will consider the new versions of python. 

  • What is your favorite IDE?

It may be a weird but it should help you to know if the candidate can use and understand the advanced features of the IDEs. Many of developers may prefer to use Text Editors!!.

The most recommended IDEs for a healthy development environment is PyCharm CE and Eclipse with PyDev. If you already have your team, then it would be preferred that the candidate is familiar with your tools or at least he/she can start with it. It will be great if the candidate can use Debugging and Git in his/her favorite IDE.

For a quick development, you can advise him/her with Odoo PyCharm Templates (here).

  • Can you use Git commands?

It is a priceless skill to know how to use and get benefit of using Git through GitHub or BitBucket. It will help your team to keep the detailed history of the development along the timeline of the project.

  • Do you understand the developer mode?

Well, He/She should be able to use the developer mode and get more details that he/she needs for the development.

There are many examples for using the developer mode which may need another separate article but this answer may be a good start to understand the developer mode and how to use it efficiently. 

  • Are you familiar with Odoo Training resources on the Internet?

Another weird question that should help you to understand if the candidate can learn and can to be updated as Odoo is growing and changing so fast.

You may find my training useful, Odoo (OpenERP) v8 Technical, there are more than 1,000 developers there who will be happy to find you among them.

  • Are you familiar with Linux?

Linux Distributions have been used for decades as servers. So, the candidate should have Linux on his local machine. It can even be much better if he used the same distribution as the one on the server which confirm that his code will work smoothly on the servers.

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