Odoo 10 Development Tutorial: Introduction

01: Introduction

ProjoMania, Mohamed Magdy Mahmoud

Hi Guys, 

Welcome to Odoo 10 development course. 

I am Mohamed Magdy, You can call me Magdy, and I will be your guide through the journey to be a professional Odoo 10 developer.

By the end of the course, you'll learn how to prepare your development environment in a professional way so that you can install different versions of Odoo with no possibility of having python modules conflicts as different versions of Odoo may use different versions of the same python module which is not possible to keep them all in the environment.

And of course, you'll learn how to write models, views, security files and demo files from scratch or by extending an existing ones. You'll be able to add awesome smart buttons and reports, to track and log changes using the built-in social network.

You can send emails, add computed fields, add workflows, manage default values, domains, use widgets, ..... and much more :)


This course is planned and built to be as simple as possible and it is aiming to help the new comers even with no development experience. But yet you still need to have Ubuntu 16.04.02 installed, I recommend to use a virtual machine to keep your environment clean and safe until getting a good experience to go alone.

Also, PyCharm Community Edition is highly recommended as a professional python IDE. But you still have the option to use Eclipse, Atom, Sublime or whatever you want.


01: Introduction

02: Local Development Environment Setup

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