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Odoo Coding can be easier

ProjoMania, Mohamed Magdy Mahmoud


Odoo is a great ERP that was born recently and this may be the reason behind the lack of support from most of known IDEs like PyCharm and Eclipse.

Developer are struggling with Odoo Development for a while as all IDEs are missing the main fetures like auto-complete which should save their lives and reduce the typing errors to 0%.

Odoo PyCharm Template

Odoo PyCharm Template was a good solution for the Auto-complete issue. Actually, it is just a work around that should help Odoo Developers to save time and to write a well-structured code.

Juniors and even Regular Users can use Odoo PyCharm Templates to build simple modules that may fit their simple needs with no need to ask someone for help!. They are able to add new models, build the basic views for these models, add fields to existing models (Model Inheritance), add fields to existing views (View Inheritance), add new security groups and add basic reports structure and much more....

You can find a quick introduction to the module on YouTube.

Odoo PyCharm Templates


How to create Odoo Module from scratch?

Create new modules from scratch with no typing errors in almost no-time

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